Money Saving Ideas for your Baby Shower

Because this site is dedicated to help you plan a great baby shower, I've included money saving ideas to help your budget. When you decide to throw a baby shower, it's a great idea to sit down and outline your budget.

Ask yourself these questions:

1) How much am I going to spend?

2) What am I going to spend my budget on? (Food, decorations, games, prizes)

3) What aspects of the Baby Shower do I want to spend more on?

4) How many guests are invited?

Just by asking yourself these simple questions, you have already saved yourself money. Prioritizing and setting a budget in advance helps you keep your costs down.

Here are a few ways to save money when preparing for your baby shower:

Look at your local ads - Looking at your local ads, especially your grocery ads will help you to buy things on sale. If your food is planned a few months in advance, you can watch your weekly circulars for items you will use. Pick them up and put them away for your event.

Coupons - It might not seem worth it to cut coupons at the time, but $1-$2 here and there really adds up. You can cut coupons from your local Sunday paper. There are also tons of coupons available to use in online shopping. Simply search for online coupon codes and the name of the site you are shopping at. Lots of times you can find items for 10% or more off. Also do searches for free shipping codes. You can use the google search bar below to search for online coupon codes. Your results will open in a new window.

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If you are shopping online, you can also use cash back websites like the one below to help you save money.

ShopAtHome Banner

The Dollar Store - I'm sure you've been in a dollar store or at least driven by. These are a great resource for decorations, paper plates & cups, and so much more. Go in and browse and remember, everything at these stores are only $1!

Clearance Shopping - When you go to a store to shop, walk over to clearance sections and just browse. Is there something there you could use for a prize or decoration? You will be surprised how much money you will save by clearance shopping and using a little creativity.

Keep a Total - Keep a running total of how much you have spent on your baby shower. This will keep your budget in tact without going over. Write down on a piece of paper each time you spend money for the shower.

These are just a few money saving ideas to keep your budget in tact and save you money. A good thing to remember is if you save money, that is more money to spend in a different area or even on a gift for the mom to be! Saving money is a definite plus for anyone, and now you are one step closer to throwing a fabulous savvy baby shower.

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