Jungle Theme Baby Shower

It's a jungle in here! A jungle theme baby shower will add a different twist and is a fun idea to implement.

Make your own invitations using green cardstock and pictures of jungle animals. Free printable jungle invitations coming soon!

There are all sorts of animal games out there that are fun and go along with this jungle theme baby shower. Here are a few animal game ideas.You can write these down on a paper and have your guests match the mom and baby. You can also show pictures of these baby animals and see if your guests can guess what each baby animal is called.

Match the mom and baby

Bear - Cub
Beaver - Pup
Butterfly - Caterpillar
Cat - Kitten
Cow - Calf
Crane - Chick
Deer - Fawn
Eagle - Eaglet
Frog - Tadpole
Goat - Kid
Goose - Gosling
Horse - Foal
Llama - Cria
Pig - Piglet
Sheep - Lamb
Skunk - Kit
Turtle - Hatchling
Wolf - Pup

How many babies?
Have your guests guess how many babies each of these animals can have at a time. It will have your mom to be glad she is not carrying that many! (These are the averages for these animals)

Ferrets - 7
Giraffe - 1
Stingray- 7
Horses - 1
Dogs - 6
Cats - 5
Sheep - 2
Skunks - 4
Pigs - 6

Create a Gift Basket with items that are green or wrapped in green wrapping paper. Let your guests choose a gift from the basket when they win a game.

Try to think what you would find in a jungle or rainforest, then create it! Use green streamers and balloons. Hang the streamers from the ceiling all over the room creating a jungle feel. Find pictures of jungle animals and place stuffed animals around the room. If you can find potted plants to place around the room, that also adds another fun element.

Finger foods would be a great idea to serve at this party. Fruit trays with lots of bananas, oranges, kiwi and grapes are a great jungle theme food. Meatballs, trail mix, and salad are a few more "jungle" type foods. You can even make up catchy names for your foods and put them in front of the serving trays to help your jungle theme.

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