Free Printable Baby Shower Games

Free printable baby shower games will help your planning and your budget. All of them are free for your personal use and are easy to download and print.

You will find all sorts of fun games from baby shower mad libs to word searches. New printable games are added often so please check back frequently. Here's to a savvy baby shower!

Baby Shower Mad Libs

She was pregnant for HOW long? The baby was green, and weighed a ton? These baby shower mad libs will leave your guests and expectant mother smiling and laughing. Just fill in the blanks with adjectives, nouns, etc. and create your own story. A baby shower hit!
New Baby Mad Lib
Pregnancy Journey Mad Lib

Baby Word Search

Baby Shower Word Search Game

A great icebreaker game, this baby word search will get your guest's minds going. Have them work alone or together in teams. The puzzle has 18 different words, all related to baby. It's time to put on your baby thinking cap. How many can you find?

Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers

Baby Shower Printable Games, Baby Shower Game

Say it 5 times fast: Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers. If you aren't laughing at how it sounds now, you will be! Teams make up their own baby tongue twisters and challenge others to see if they can do it. This tongue twisting game is sure to please!

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