Baby Shower Tongue Twister Game

This Baby Shower Tongue Twister Game, Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers will have your guests laughing. You will find directions for how to play this game below as well as on the printable sheet.

How to Play: Divide guests into teams, at least 2 to a team with 4+ teams. Each team has 5 minutes to come up with a baby tongue twister. The words must be baby related and hard to say when made up into a phrase. When 5 minutes are up, each team says their tongue twister out loud while other teams write each phrase on this sheet. After everyone has announced theirs, each team must pick a spokesperson to say each tongue twister 3 times as quickly as they can. Whoever does it the quickest and the best wins!

To Download: Right click on the game and choose "save as." Save it to your desired location. Your desktop is probably the easiest option. Once downloaded, double click on the image and either select print or open in microsoft word. (Tip: If using a Mac, you can also click on the image and drag to your desktop.) You will need to print a tongue twister game for each team.

Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers Game

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