Time of Day Baby Shower Theme

This baby shower theme is based around what baby is doing at a certain time of day.

With this baby shower theme, you can send out invitations that are a clock or have a clock on them. Assign each guest a time of day that they should bring their gift for. For example, someone could be assigned the time of 9:00 pm. They could bring bath items and some pajamas for their baby shower gift. You may need to assign a time more than once depending on how many guests you are inviting.

Use a clock to display in front of your guests. Put the name of games in place of the numbers on the clock. You can then move the hands to point to what time it is, (or what game you will be playing next.)

When you play your games at this party, you could also theme your prizes around time of day. You could give away bubble bath and a sleep mask for a pm prize or a gift card for a restaurant for a 12 pm prize (lunch time)

Find clocks to display around the room. You can also theme out the room by time of day if you so choose. Put a towel and some baby shampoo out for bath time. Get some baby food and a spoon to display for feeding time. These are just a few ideas. If you do end up buying things for decorations you could always use them as a gift to the mom to be when you begin opening presents.

Gift Opening Idea
Have your mom open her gifts in relation to the time of day the guest was assigned with. So she could start with 6 am, 9 am, 11 am and so forth.

Alternate Idea
Instead of doing time by the hour, divide up the times by activity. So instead of assigning guests to a time, (9 pm, 2 am), assign them an activity such as bath time, diaper changing time, feeding time.

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