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A nursery baby shower theme can help your mom to be help decorate the baby's nursery and also serve as a fun theme. Find out what the mom to be is decorating her nursery in. It could be frogs or flowers, or just a color scheme, like brown and pink. Whatever she is decorating it in, base the shower around that.

Choose an invitation that goes along with the baby's nursery. For example, if she is decorating her nursery in a froggy theme, send out froggy invitations. On the invites, let the guests know they should bring something green or something that has to do with frogs. Or make a suggestion to bring something wrapped in green or a frog bag.

Find frog decorations (again using frogs as an example) and display the mom to be's crib bedding as well as any other items she may have for the baby's room. Have her register for items that would compliment her nursery. Focus on the color of the theme as well and add balloons or streamers to match this. You could also buy decorations and then give them to the mom to be as your baby shower present to her.

When playing your games, you can use the color themes of the nursery to coordinate pens and pencils, notepad paper, etc.

As mentioned before, the possibilities are endless. The frog theme is merely a suggestion and you can do a custom party for any nursery theme.

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