Diaper Baby Shower Theme

baby shower theme diaper

A diaper baby shower theme style is wonderful and really helps out the mom to be as newborns tend to go through many diapers and it can get expensive!

Use a diaper shaped invitation for your guests. On the invitation let your guests know it is a diaper shower and put any preferences for diaper brands or sizes if the mom to be has them.

There are lots of fun diaper related games that you can find in the free baby shower games section. A couple that may be fun to go along with your diaper themed shower is the dirty diaper game as well as the diaper stacking game.

Diaper Cakes and Diaper Wreaths are great ideas for decorating for this themed shower.
Brook's Baby Gifts is a great resource for diaper cakes and wreaths. Plus, if you use a diaper cake or wreath for a decoration, it can be given as your gift to the mom to be. You can also string up diapers on a clothesline as a decoration. Balloons a streamers are a great idea too.

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