Baby Shower Sayings

Baby Shower Sayings, Baby Shower Wording

Baby Shower Sayings also add and help your baby shower become a more personal, special event. They are great to use in invitations, cards, and on the baby shower cake. It's easy to create your own wording, or you can choose to use a pre-made saying already on the site. Below you will find some guidelines to help you create your own saying, as well as some that have already been created for you.

Creating Your Own Saying

1) Time - Allow yourself some time to do this. If you have a half hour to try to come up with some sayings, great! Sit down and focus on what you want to get across and what type of wording you want to use.

2) Brainstorm - What is the theme of the baby shower? Is the mom to be having a boy or girl? What do you need sayings for? (Invitations, Card, Cakes)

3) Keep it Simple and Concise - Write down what you want to get across. Channel your ideas and thoughts into simple, concise phrases

4) Rhyming - Think of different baby words. Can you find words to rhyme with those words? Using nursery rhymes is also a great start when trying to rhyme.

5) Be Creative - Don't be afraid to get creative with words and ideas. Write down everything that comes to your head. If you have many different options to work with, you will be more likely to find a match.

If you prefer not to try to come up with your own, click one of the links below for ideas!

Card Sayings

Invitation Sayings

Cake Sayings

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