Baby Shower Punch Recipes

Baby Shower Punch Recipes

It's always nice to have baby shower punch recipes that are simple to prepare. You want something refreshing that will compliment your food, right? You will find all sorts of punches, even a blue and pink punch if you choose to have a boy or girl themed baby shower. I have compiled a list of recipes that will be sure to please you and your guests.

Simple Sherbet Punch

1 pint flavored sherbet (raspberry or orange is suggested)
1 (2 liter) of lemon lime soda

Add entire pint of sherbet to your serving bowl. Pour 2 liter of lemon lime soda of the sherbet. Mix until sherbet has melted and mixed in with the soda. Serves 16

Baby Boy Blue Punch

Ingredients1 quart vanilla ice cream
1/2 cup sugar
1 jug blue hawaiian punch
1 half gallon (64 oz) white grape juice
1 (2 liter) lemon lime soda

Stir Hawaiian punch, soda, and grape juice in a large pitcher or punch bowl. Add sugar. (This may be sweet enough without the sugar. Taste before adding it.) Scoop your vanilla ice cream on the top. This is sure to be a baby shower hit! (Serves 20-24)

Tip: Make half the batch up if you aren't expecting many guests, that way you can always make more and have fresh ice cream on the top.

Alternate ideas: Instead of the blue Hawaiian punch, use the original red to get a different color.

Pink Girl Punch

This is a simple easy recipe that can be mixed up in a matter of minutes!

1 Package (12 oz) Frozen Strawberries
2 Frozen Cans (12 oz) Pink Lemonade

Prepare lemonade as instructed on can. Add frozen strawberries and mix.

Tip: If preparing ahead of time, put strawberries in about an hour in advance. If not, take strawberries out of freezer in advance so they are slightly thawed.

Mix and Match Punch

This is a fun baby shower punch recipe that has endless possibilities.

1 - package crystal lite, the small tub (you can also buy the generic brand that most grocery stores will have to save some money)
1 - (2 liter) Soda
Ice Ring (Optional)

Mix the Crystal Lite as directed. Add your 2 liter of soda and mix. Add your ice ring and serve! Serves approximately 20

Ideas: Crystal Lite comes in some great flavors such as: Raspberry Ice, Lemonade, Strawberry Orange Sunrise, Natural Peach, Fruit Punch, and many more. As far as soda goes, you will probably get the best results with lemon lime or ginger ale. Make your ice ring from your soda or use water and fresh fruit for another splash of color. You can also use frozen fruit in place of ice. Frozen strawberries work great!

More Ideas

If your budget doesn't allow for a punch, serve water! It's free and can be dressed up with some fresh lemons or limes. It's always refreshing and no one will be complaining.

It's also fun and a bit of a spin off to serve milkshakes or smoothies at your shower.

I hope one of these baby shower punch recipes will be a good fit your occasion. And if you have any great punches you have tried and would like to contribute to this site, please contact me!

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