Baby Shower Mad Libs - Pregnancy Journey

Baby Libs: Baby shower mad libs. How does a baby mad lib work? Download and print out enough mad libs for your guests. You will notice blank spaces followed by adjective, noun, exclamation, etc. You simply fill in the blank space with that type of word. When you are finished you have a fun, creative story. Another idea is to just print out one and have everyone contribute ideas to fill it out. Then share with all of the guests!You can also opt to just print out one mad lib and have the baby shower guests all contribute to one mad lib. Then read aloud for everyone at the baby shower to hear.

To Download: Right click on invitation and choose "save as." Save it to your desired location. Your desktop is probably the easiest option. Once downloaded, double click on the image and either select print or open in microsoft word. (Tip: If using a Mac, you can also click on the image and drag to your desktop.)

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