Baby Shower Hostess Gift Ideas

baby shower hostess gift ideas

These Baby Shower hostess gift ideas are here with you in mind. Your hostess goes to a lot of effort to throw a successful baby shower. She has you as the mom to be in mind and has done so much for you. You don't have to get the hostess a gift, but generally it is a nice gesture to say thank you for all that she has done. On this page you will find some great ideas as to what you can do for her.

Gift Baskets
Gift baskets are a more traditional idea and are nice because you can base the basket around hostesses likes and interests. You can buy a nice wicker basket at your local craft store and fill with whatever you like. Here are some ideas for gift baskets themes and what you can put in them.

Bath and Body: Lotions, bubble bath, loofah, body scrubs, sprays, spa gift certificate. You can easily Create Your Own Spa & Pamper Gift Baskets
Movie Night: DVD's or movie tickets, popcorn, soda, candy
Home Decor: Candles or small decorations
Cooking: Cook books and items to make an item from the cook book.Stationary:Nice stationary, journal, a nice pen.

These are just a few ideas for gift baskets. Don't be afraid to add your own personal touch and brainstorm ideas. This idea is a very popular baby shower hostess gift.

Gift Certificates
Gift certificates and gift cards are a timeless gift to give and nice because the hostess can pick out what she wants.

Gift Certificate ideas:
Online Retailers

Fresh Flowers/ Chocolate
What woman doesn't love flowers and chocolate? These are a nice gesture and you can opt to have flowers delivered to her home before or after the event if you so choose. Also, instead of buying chocolate, you can dip strawberries in chocolate. Just get baking chocolate, melt in the microwave, dip the strawberries and let the chocolate harden.

Personalized Items
Something personalized is a great gift idea as well. These types of gifts are quite trendy right now as well. Personalized jewelry, keychains, and picture frames are just a few ideas.

Other Tips
If you have this gift ready ahead of time, it's fun to be able to present it to the hostess at the baby shower and have her recognized for all of her hard work! I hope these baby shower hostess gift ideas have given you some food for thought. Good luck finding the giving that perfect gift!

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