Free Baby Shower Games

Games are a fun part of the party. Here you will find a list of many different free baby shower games and ideas. Free printable games coming soon!

1) Mommy's Tummy Size

Items Needed: String, Yarn or Toilet paper. Scissors if you are using string or yarn.

Each guest at the shower decides how big mommy's belly is by pulling the proper amount of yarn or toilet paper that they think would be the same as her belly. Then have the pregnant mommy actually measure her belly with her own yarn. Compare her yarn to everyone else's. Whoever is closest wins a prize!

Suggestion: You may suggest that guests put it around their own waist in order to "try" to get an accurate measurement.

2) Thank You Game

Items needed: Thank you cards/envelopes for each guest that will be in attendance.

As each guest comes to the baby shower, have them put their name and return address the front of an envelope, as if they were writing themselves a letter. After everyone has done this, put all envelopes in a basket. Periodically throughout the shower, draw an envelope. (Usually 3-4 throughout the party.) This is a nice way to get your baby shower thank you notes going and also make a game out of it.

3) Milk Chug

Items needed: Enough baby bottles for those participating, milk or juice

Not everyone participates in this game. Rather get 3-4 volunteers. Each volunteer has a bottle of milk or juice. Only do a few ounces or this game will take longer than expected. Have them all start at the same time. Whoever chugs their milk or juice first, wins. This baby shower game is always a hit!

4) Baby Memory

Items Needed: Piece of paper and pen/pencil for each guest

Have about 15-20 baby items on a plate,platter, or in a basket. Walk around the room and let each woman look at the items on the plate. After each guest has had a chance to look at the items, take them into another room. After the items are out of sight, have each guest write down as many items as they can remember. Whoever gets the most, wins.

Suggestions: Some ideas for the plate: Diaper, baby clippers, mylicon drops/tyelnol, bulb syringe (aka nose sucker), thermometer, wipes, brush, comb, baby wash, lotion, onesie, pacifier. These are just a few suggestions. Feel free to get creative! You can also use these as gifts for mom to be when you are done with the game.

5) Diaper Stacking

Items needed: Diapers

Have each guest see how many newborn diapers they can stack without them falling. It's fun to see how creative some people get with this baby shower game. Whoever can stack the most diapers wins.

6) The Price is Right - Baby Edition

Items needed: 4-5 different baby items, paper and pens

Put 4-5 baby items out for guests to see. Have them number their papers from 1-5 and guess how much each item costs. After everyone is finished, reveal how much each item costs. Then add up the totals. Whoever has the closest running total wins a prize.

7) Babies in Ice

Items needed: Small plastic baby or other small item related to a baby shower that would fit into an ice cube.

The day before the baby shower put small babies or other baby related item into an ice cube tray with water or whatever will compliment the drink you are serving. When guests arrive, have them get a drink and an ice cube with a baby in it. Whoever's baby melts out of the ice cube first, wins. Don't let guests suck on the ice cube, that's cheating.

Suggestions: You can find things to put in your ice cubes at a local craft store.

9) Guess the Due Date

Items Needed: Paper & Pens

In this baby shower game, have each guest write down when they think the baby will be born, time, weight and length. Send the winner a prize in the mail after the baby shower.

10) Dirty Diaper

Items needed: Funsize candy bars, newborn diapers, pens and paper

Buy 8-10 different types of funsize candy bars. Melt each one and put it in a diaper. Have the guests at the baby shower pass the diapers around to let them look and smell what kind of candy they think is in the diaper. Mark the outside of each diaper with permanent marker and number them 1-10 depending on how many different kinds of candy bars you have. Also display each candybar still in it's wrapper so guests know what their options are. Whoever gets the most right, wins. This is hilarious to watch guests participate. A favorite baby shower game.

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