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11) Don't Say Baby!

Items needed: Diaper Pins, Poster & Marker

One of our most used baby shower games! Each guest receives a diaper pin to put on their shirt as the walk in. Display a poster with "key" words that guests cannot say. Examples: baby, pregnant, due date. Throughout the shower if they say any of these key words and are caught by another guest they have to surrender their diaper pin. Whoever has the most diaper pins, wins.

Suggestions: If you don't want to do more than 1 word or make a poster, just use the word baby and let the guests know.

12) A-Z Baby

Items Needed: Paper and Pens

Each guest has 5 minutes to come up with words related to a baby for each letter of the alphabet. For example: b=baby, f=feeding, g=grow. After it is done compare lists and cross off any that are duplicates or that another guest may have. Whoever has the most unique words wins.

13) What am I?

Items needed: Premade Tags, Tape

For this baby shower game, each person gets a "baby tag" when they come to the party. Someone may be a bottle, someone else a diaper. They put the tag on their back and have to go around asking other guests yes/no questions about what they are. This is a fun game that allows all of your guests to mingle and get to know one another.

14) Bubblegum Baby

Items Needed: Prefilled questionaire, 2 packs of bubblegum

The father to be is asked 10-15 questions about parenting, babies, etc before the baby shower. At the shower you ask the mother to be the same questions. If she gets the question right, nothing happens. If she gets the question wrong, she has to put a piece of bubblegum in her mouth, chew it and then say baby. For every question she gets wrong, she adds another piece of bubble gum. Make sure to stop before your mom gets too much gum in her mouth. One of our favorite baby shower games.

Suggestions: Here a few examples of questions you could ask the father to be: How many children do you want? What day of the week did you find out you were going to be a parent? How many days until your baby is due?

15) How many baby beans?

Items needed: Jar filled with jellybeans

Have each baby shower guest guess how many jellybeans are in a jar. Whoever is the closest wins this game as well as the jellybeans and the jar.

16) One Hand Diaper Change

Items needed: diapers, baby dolls

Each guest partners up with another guest at the party. At the starting signal, each partnership has to diaper a baby. Sounds simple, right? Here's the catch: Each partner can only use one hand so they have to work together to diaper the baby. Whatever partnership diapers their baby the fastest, wins.

17) Ready to Pop

Items needed: Oversized T-shirts, balloons

Each guest is given a balloon and an oversized t-shirt. At the starting signal, each person blows up their balloon. They then put on their t-shirt and put the balloon underneath. They then must pop the balloon without using their hands. Whoever pops their balloon first, wins. This baby shower game is so much fun to watch as well as participate in!

18) Which baby item is it?

Materials: Brown Paper Bags, Marker, Baby Items, Paper and Pens

Baby items are placed in separate brown paper bags. You number them according to how many items you have. You then place an item in the bag and staple it shut. Give each guest a paper and pen and allow them to feel each item from the outside of the bag. Pass them around the circle so that every guest is able to feel every bag. Then have them guess what is in the bag. It's pretty funny to see what baby shower guests guess.

Suggestions: Don't forget to make a master "key" of what is in each bag so you don't forget!

19) Baby Name Scattergories

Items needed: Paper and Pen for each guest, Scattergories dice (not necessarily needed)

In this baby shower game, each guest is given a paper and pen. Whoever is in charge of the game either rolls the scattergories dice (they have letters of the alphabet) or chooses a letter of the alphabet. On the starting signal, each guest writes down as many baby names they can think of starting with that letter. For example, if the letter was L you might write down Lisa, Liam, Lana, etc. Give each guest 2-3 minutes and then stop them. Have everyone compare lists. If there is a duplicate name, they must cross it off their list. Whoever has the most names on their list at the end of the game wins.

20) Baby Feeding

Items needed: Baby Food, Spoons

For this baby shower game, each guest pairs up with other other person. Each team is given a jar of babyfood and a spoon. One partner must spoon feed the other partner. The first team done, wins!

21) Dress and Diaper Baby

Items needed: Toilet Paper, Baby Bonnet, Pacifier

Divide your guests into teams depending on the number you have in attendance. Usually 3-4 people works best. Choose one person in your group that you will dress like baby. The teams have 5 minutes to fashion a diaper out of toilet paper. Once the diaper is done they have to put the baby bonnet on that same person and put the pacifier in their mouth. Judge who did the best job diapering their baby. A hilarious baby shower game.

22) Tasting Baby's Food

Items needed: 5-10 different types of of baby foods, spoons, pens and paper

Take the labels off the baby food and have each guest taste each baby food. Number the jars so that they can write their guesses on their paper according to numbers. Whoever guesses the most right, wins.

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