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Your Baby Shower Food and want something delicious. Something simple. Something that will leave your shower guests raving about the food without the hassle. Look no further. These baby shower food and drink/punch recipes will be simple yet delicious. The recipes I have compiled are separated into two categories; finger foods and sweet treats . I believe that these two avenues are the best way to go when it comes to simplistic food that is delicious but easy and quick to prepare.

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Planning your baby shower food is something you want to do about a month in advance. Get together with the mom to be and discuss ideas. She will know her guests the best and what types of food will be appealing to them. Since it is a shower in her honor, she will also be able to help you pick something she would like to have. You can use this planning printout to help guide you in the process.

Once you have outlined a menu, you can put it aside until a little later. A week or two before the shower, decide how much food you need to buy in accordance to how many you think will be attending. You can ask the mom to be as well as refer to those who have answered to your RSVP to determine your final number. It is always a good idea buy more food than less. It is better to have leftovers when it is all said and done than to make your guests feel like there isn't enough or run out. It is also nice to decide when you will serve the food. Will you have guests eat when they arrive, while the mom to be is opening gifts, or at the end? Even though this may seem like a small decision, it will help your shower run that much smoother.

A few days before the shower make your trip to the grocery store. Get everything you will need and prepare items a day or two ahead if possible. It will lighten the load when the day of the baby shower arrives. If you need to prepare the food or drink the day of the shower ask friends or family for their help. Maybe you are throwing the shower with the help of a friend or family member. The more you can designate and receive help from friends and family, the less you will have to worry about.

You will be surprised how much simple foods and drinks will add to your baby shower. It allows your guests to mingle and relax while enjoying delicious refreshments.

Baby Shower Finger Food Recipes

Baby Shower Punch Recipes

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