Baby Shower Etiquette

Baby Shower Etiquette helps you as a hostess or mom to be determine what is usually done and expected at a baby shower. These are frequently asked questions and are a guide for you, to help you plan the most successful and of course SAVVY shower!

Who throws the baby shower?
This baby shower etiquette has changed over time. Anyone who is close to the mom to be can throw the baby shower. Typically is a family member, but you can have anyone throw the baby shower - friends, coworkers, family, or other acquaintances.

When do you throw the shower?
In most cases, the shower is given a few months before the baby arrives. This gives the mom to be time to shop for other items she may need that she does not receive at her shower. By throwing it at least 6 weeks early, you are also able to ensure that the shower happens before the baby is born, just in case the baby makes an early appearance. Showers can also be thrown after the baby is born if the mom does not know the sex of the baby or simply has the preference of having it after the baby is born. Adoption baby showers are also usually given after the baby is born.

Who and how many should you invite?
This is completely up to you and the mom to be. It might be good to ask yourself these questions: How much room do you have? How much money are you able to spend on invitations, food, etc.? Are you inviting family, friends, coworkers? Do you want to have a bigger baby shower, or something more intimate? After you have asked yourself these questions, you will have a pretty good idea of how who and how many you want to attend the shower. So, this baby shower etiquette may vary depending on what fits your personal needs and budget.

What should I include on the invite?

Information that should be included:

  • Who the Baby Shower is For
  • Date
  • Time
  • Place

Optional Information you may or may not choose to include:

  • Boy or Girl
  • Theme
  • RSVP
  • Who is hosting the shower
  • Registry

You may choose to buy invitations or use one of our free printable invites.

Should you invite the dad to be?
In most cases, the shower consists of mostly women and the mom to be. Sometimes, the dad to be may not feel comfortable attending the shower, but if he would like to come and the mom to be agrees with idea, then why not? It's important for dads to be included too! This baby shower etiquette is one that seems to be rapidly changing.

What time of day?
Traditionally baby showers were thrown at high noon. That idea has changed, and it doesn't matter what time of day it is thrown. Whatever fits your time and schedule! So whether it's at 9AM or 9PM, you decide!

Do you have to serve food?
Food does not have to be served at the baby shower, however many choose to do this. Depending on the time of day you decide to have the shower, plan your food accordingly. You can even use this free printout to help you on your way. As far as the food you serve, choose something that the mom to be will like and that fits her personality. You may also choose to serve food that goes along with a theme you have chosen. Finger foods are also a great option as they are extremely filling and easy to prepare.

What is a diaper shower?
Diaper showers are becoming more and more common. At this type of shower, guests are expected to bring diapers or wipes to the shower for the mom to be. They may also choose to bring diaper related items such as rash cream and baby powder. For more diaper shower ideas, view our diaper shower theme page.

What is a baby sprinkle?
A baby sprinkle is a smaller shower where the mom to be is given small gifts such as baby lotion, nail clippers, onesies. Basically all of the small basics. These are great for a mom who needs a baby shower on a 2nd baby or hasn't had a baby in a long while.

Do I need to have a baby shower theme?
You don't have to have a baby shower theme, but they are a fun idea and with the help of our baby shower themes, planning is a breeze.

How many baby showers can be thrown?
It is becoming more and more common to have more than one baby shower. You may have a close family member that wants to throw a baby shower, then again, you might have some co-workers or friends who also want to throw one. In addition, if you have family that lives farther away, they may choose to throw one for you. You might end up having multiple showers and that is great!

Can you throw a baby shower for a mom having a 2nd or adopted baby?
Of course! Generally, 2nd baby showers aren't as common, but they are happening more and more. This is where a diaper shower or a sprinkle shower might be appropriate. It's also a great idea to throw a baby shower for a mom who has recently adopted.

Does the mom to be have to register and what is a registry?

Moms don't have to, but many moms to be are choosing to register. The mom and dad to be go to a store that has a registry such as Target or Babies R Us and takes a scanner around the store. They scan items that they would like, and then they are stored in the store's system. Guests can go online or to the store and buy the baby something that has registered for. That way, the guest knows the item won't be returned and it is something the mom and dad want for their baby.

What kind of activities are done at a baby shower?
1) Guest Introductions - getting to know each other
2) Games
3) Opening Presents
4) Food/Cake
These are not things that you have to do, but are generally good ideas for baby shower etiquette.

Is the mom to be supposed to get the hostess a gift?
While you don't have to give the hostess a gift, it is a nice gesture to thank her for all of the effort she has put into the shower. You can visit the hostess gift ideas page to help you find the perfect gift if you choose to do this.

These are just a few ideas and suggestions of proper baby shower etiquette. It seems what was traditionally acceptable baby shower etiquette is constantly changing. Don't be afraid to go out on a limb and do something different!

Do you have questions about baby shower etiquette? Contact me!

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