Baby Shower Cupcakes

Baby Shower Cupcakes are becoming more and more popular. They are a fun, cute way to eat cake. Brook Cederstrom from Frosted With Love gives these tips when it comes to making them:

The latest trend is to make individual cupcakes for each guest. This concept is really easy to execute and depending on how it is set up can look just as impressive as a three tier cake. I made the following cake for a baby’s birthday, but the same idea would be very cute used at a baby shower.

For this party I made a cupcake for everyone. Then I also made a small 4 inch cake for the top. The family was having a big party for the baby the Saturday before her birthday, but they wanted to eat cake on her birthday also, so they kept the 4 inch cake and ate it on her birthday. This would be a fun idea for the siblings of the baby-to-be to feel included, even if they didn’t come to the baby shower. The cupcakes and cake are layered on pieces of foam wrapped in gift wrap, but it would work just as well to use boxes, cake stands, or anything else that would make a steady base for the cakes.

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