Baby Shower Card Sayings

Included on this Baby Shower Card Sayings page are ideas for what to write in a card for a mom to be at the baby shower. When you are writing a card, remember personal is best. Give the mom to be some advice or encouragement. Let her know of your thoughts and congratulate her on the upcoming arrival. Here are a few ideas of verses or poems that you could include in your card.

Congratulations on your new little one
A wonderful life has yet to begun
A great mother, I know you will be
I hope this gift will help you and your baby!

Tiny fingers, tiny toes
tiny little button nose
A new little on is on the way
Congratulations on the upcoming day!

A baby is a precious gift
sent from up above
Small and precious, pure and sweet
and filled with lots of love

Mother you will soon be called
a sweet and lovely name
A new baby you soon will hold
and your life will forever be changed

Congratulations on this special day
and on your new little one

May you find joy in motherhood
each and every day,
and may this gift help you out
in it's intended way

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