A Green Shower

by Ann
(Halifax Nova Scotia)

My sister is planning a baby show for my baby daughter. She is a bit superstitious so she waited until after Carrie was born to organize it. My sister also decided to make it a green baby shower. I love the idea of a natural celebration to mark the beginning of my child’s new life.

The party will be small, just a few family members and friends, and it will be eco-friendly in every respect. All the arrangements have a green focus. My sister and I even plan to buy Carrie’s outfit from a secondhand store. I hope I can find something for me, too.

My sister is going to telephone guests so there will be no cards or envelopes to throw away. I think that it adds a nice personal touch too. There won’t be any paper decorations or balloons either.

She plans to ask guests to wrap up their gift in a baby blanket or towel or some other piece of baby clothing (previously owned, of course!). My sister will give a door prize for the most creative wrapping.

The lunch will have a green theme too… a spinach salad, green peppers, green apples, green grapes, kiwis and green tea! There will even be a homemade cake shaped like a cotton diaper. No, in case you were wondering, it won’t be green!

Guess what I am most excited about? The baby shower will be at my house and my sister is going to plant a small tree in my back yard to mark the occasion. Each guest will have a small perennial flower to plant in the garden too. As my baby girl grows so will these plants. They will be lovely reminders about my family, friends and a very special green sister.

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